This week there have been articles in the news regarding a proposal to amend the Immigration Act so that children born to immigrants who have not yet obtained their Canadian citizenship documents, would also not be considered Canadians in the eyes of the law. Rather than discuss the rights or wrongs of the specific proposal, […]

Nestled a few hours east of Madrid and south of Barcelona is the city of Valencia. Known primarily for being the city that hosts an extra 15,000 plus tourists every August for the Tomatina festival, the city actually has a lot to offer a tourist looking to get away from other jam-packed European cities in […]

You made me forget how to think on my feet. You made me lose my sarcastic quick wit. You make me psychoanalyze what everything means now and nothing can be just as it seems. I am no longer able to give witty responses dripping with sarcasm. I have become obsessed with re-learning how to express […]

Canadians love their hockey, and many of them love watching it on the CBC.   What they probably did not know, was that the CBC apparently counts on the advertising revenue they make from their famous “Hockey Night in Canada” broadcasts to keep a lot of their programming afloat. It was huge news yesterday when […]

Awhile ago, I read an article on that listed a few categories of people that it is almost always a poor decision to date. One of them was the guy (or gal) from your local bar. When I read the article, it made complete sense to me. If you love your local, do not muck things […]

The Tomatina is reportedly the largest recurring food fight in the world, held annually at the end of August in the small town of Bunol, Spain. I had decided that since I was going to live in Europe during the summer, I would make it a mission to get there and participate. After figuring out […]

Oh the loveliness that is Croatia! The Adriatic sparkles and you just want to be on a boat all day visiting the various islands (some inhabited, some not) that are in view from the Dalmatian coast. Croatia has really become popular in the last 5 years as a place to visit and Dubrovnik is the […]

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